Limo service is one of the luxury vehicle services for passengers.
• The hourly Limo service is also known as a limousine. It is scheduled in such a way that only one passenger is entertained. The vehicle has mostly partition that keeps drivers cabin and passengers cabin apart for the sake of privacy. The hourly Limo service is usually for passengers that that just landed in some specific country or near to departure for their work. Hourly Limo service is usually used for occasions such as weddings and parties. The color of the Limo is decided according to that equation the black Limo is always used with white ties and white Limo with black ties. The rent of the Limo ranges from 75 to 200 dollars. The hourly rate of the Limo is also influenced by the make model of the vehicle. Limo Service also includes the table of refreshments and drinks. The Limo service can also be online booked. The service cannot be used for only one hour as there are more expenses that could not be beard by just the gaining of 1 hour. Limo service is actually the service of a luxury car for some occasions like birthday parties and for weddings. The booking companies have entertained the passengers by this service so they can easily hire their ride. The online booking before the travel helps the passengers to save their time and to keep themselves away from the stress of mind. Some of the benefits of using limo service are enlisted below.


Time is saved buy online booking one can easily manage his or her time to do other work during the time to hesitate for local booking to buy face to face booking.

Security of money

Money is secured as the company has all the data of drivers and staff and there is no bogus service by the company even there are offers to pay after traveling to secure the passengers' trust.

Good Impression

The luxury cars have very positive impression that is poured on others actually the impression is of that person who booked that vehicle.


The staff is punctual and is bound when once booking is done and the vehicle follows the sharp timing and if there is any delay from the passenger’s side they have to pay extra.

Availability at covering an area

The service is available at its coverage area and can be easily hired. The customer also knows the area and the staff is also familiar with local routes. The company highlights the area of picking up or just mentions the address and the driver and the passengers have to reach that point.
It is easier to use luxury service with online registration.

The positive attitude of the staff:

The staff of the vehicle shows a positive attitude towards the norms and present conditions of travelers and enjoys along with the travelers according to the occasion for example for a wedding, they show a very humble attitude.